Electric Chain Hoist


Electric chain hoist with electric trolley

  • Movement operated by the push button panel fitted on the hoist
  • Recommended when manual load pushing is not feasible and for heavy duty use.
  • The electric trolley is adjustable for variable flange widths, fitted with steel machined wheels, permanently self-lubricated bearings, fitted with anti tilt derailment bars to prevent drop or derailing, and equipped with shock absorbing buffers.
  • The trolley can be supplied at:
    • 1 speed - m/min. 11 or 22
    • 2 speeds - m/min. 7/22
  • Electric limit switches to limit the horizontal travel of the electric trolley on the beam
  • Suitable for rectilinear monorails; with special devices it can runs on curves (minimum internal radius on the technical catalogue)
  • Capacities from 125 up to 4000 kgs.
  • FEM (ISO) : 2M (M5)
  • Other characteristics as per DMK in fixed execution

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