Jib cranes - CBB/MBB series


Jib cranes with articulated arm - CBB/MBB series

  • Capacities from 125 kg. up to  500 kg., jib arms from 2 mt. up to 7 mt.
  • Rotation 360°
  • Column version CBB and wall version MBB.
  • Fitted with an arm made of two hinged “pantograph-shaped” segments which allow it to avoid fixed obstacles during rotation.
  • The two semi-arms can be of different lengths  and are able to rotate independently of each other.
  • On the arm (S2) there is a stirrup for suspending a hoist.
  • Electrical feed with round multipolar flexible cable inserted in a channel welded under the flange of the jib.
  • Column Fixing system by using the foundation frame with log bolts inserted in a foundation plinth or by using a counterplate suitable for chemical bolts.
  • Painted with a base and top coat of yellow enamel, subject to preparation of the surfaces by metallic sandblasting. The drying in a oven concludes the cycle.
  • Wall fixing system by using brackets and staybolts.

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