Training Courses

Build Your Competencies and Skill with Donati Training Courses

Training Courses

Donati’s Training Helps You Succeed by Building Your Competences

Highly qualified and experienced Donati staff members run a comprehensive range of training courses covering the topics of Technical & Sales and Service & Maintenance, to support Donati’s customers in the day to day work.

Technical & Sales training will give your staff the knowledge and competence to present, promote and correctly identify the best solution to fit your customer’s needs.

Service & Maintenance training will give your service staff a deeper knowledge of Donati’s machines and how to correctly service them, process correct settings, identify and solve common issues and correctly manage requests of spare parts with the Donati Shop.

All Donati’s courses are developed on modules to make them easy to adapt for your individual needs and are held online in web learning form as well as in presence at our classroom in Agrate Brianza. Each participant who successfully finishes any Donati training course will receive a completion certificate.

Technical and Sales training

Knowledge and Competence on the product, allows you to be more confident in presenting it to your customers and to identify the best solution to perfectly fit your customer’s needs
Our trainings helps you to gain the competence you need!

Service and Maintenance training

A correct service and maintenance allow machines to function correctly and in safety.Quickly identify a malfunction, process correct settings, or knowing how and when to service the machine can make a big difference in the downtime of both the machine and the production.
Our trainings helps you to gain the knowledge and skills you need!

Leonardo Configurators training

Donati’s configurators software, Leonardo Product and Leonardo Crane Set, are designed to support and speed up your work. Allowing you to quickly develop an offer for your customer complete with drawings and technical data.
Learn how to make your daily job more efficient with Donati Leonardo Configurators!

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