offset geared motors


Offset geared motors - “DGP” series

  • The reducers are designed as an “Offset geared motor type” with a concave shaft, featuring parallel axes with two or three stages of reduction, and  in a permanent oil-bath lubrication.
  • Engineered with cylindrical high resistance steel gears, featuring spiral toothing, thermically treated, entirely supported on ball bearings. 
  • The electric motors are asynchronous, featuring a progressive start-up, with a standard ventilation, self-braking with axial shifting of the rotor guaranteeing a fast, reliable mechanical braking.
  • Electrical power 400 V - 50 Hz.
  • Protection  of electrical parts: 
    • IP55 Motor
    • IP23 Brake
    • Class “F” insulation Motor
    • IP65 Limit switch; max insulation voltage 500 V

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