Donati Sollevamenti's jib cranes

One of the main factors that has to be taken into consideration when choosing a lifting equipment is the presence of fixed obstacles - such as architectural elements and machinery -  and mobile obstacles - such as parked trucks and forklift trucks, or goods, in the area where it will be used. In these situations the jib crane is one of the most common solutions thanks to its manoeuvrability. And it is in this sector that Donati Sollevamenti is an international leader.

Established in 1930, Donati Sollevamenti made its mark in the industrial lifting market thanks to its reliability, advanced solutions and excellent value for money. As regards jib cranes specifically, it offers a range of six series of manual or electrical rotation models in pillar or wall version, with bearing capacities between 63 and 10,000 kg and reach from 2m up to a maximum of 10.5m. They can be installed indoors, on forecourts or in areas serving operating stations. The high quality of the components and finishes, acknowledged by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate, guarantees that they can be used even in the most difficult environmental conditions.

Donati proposes a range of solutions to solve space and architectural constraints in the work environment. For example, the models with “T” cantilever beam are self-supporting so they do not require support tie rods, thus allowing full use of the available height and travel of the hook. There are jib cranes available for more confined spaces with articulated boom, divided into two pieces connected to each other by a pin. The reciprocal mobility of the two elements allows every point that can be served to be reached, at the same time avoiding obstacles. The electrical rotation GBR series is ideal for use on piers for the loading and unloading of vessels and on docks for the towing of vessels. The reduced size of the system, the bearing capacity of up to 10,000kg and the 360° rotation radius enable large weights to be moved in spaces riddled with obstacles such as ports. 

Besides the immediately available standard models, Donati is able to supply custom cranes to meet the client’s needs. This service is rendered using modular components that include columns, cantilevers and booms. After receiving the client's specifications, the components can be assembled rapidly and cost-effectively while ensuring extreme compactness of the equipment and maximum performance of the travel of the hook and use in the work area.

The electric hoists used are DMK chain models and, for higher bearing capacities, DRH rope ones, in both cases chosen for their safety and versatility.

The new addition to Donati’s jib crane line is the GRL model, able to rotate continuously by 360°, with a bearing capacity of up to 2,000 kg and a reach of up to 7 metres that fully exploits the travel of the hook.  This model has been designed specifically for installation in forecourts or at deposits to transfer material from vehicles, to serve large working units or to assemble machines. An important characteristic that highlights the flexibility of Donati's products is the possibility of transforming the machine from manual to electric with an adaptation kit even after its purchase.